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Episode #17 – Caity Kauffman, Tampa Bay Lightning

Running social media for a professional sports team is almost a 24-hour job, even in the offseason. Just because your team isn’t playing games doesn’t mean you’re not trying to stay relevant and keep your fans engaged.

To that end, Caity Kauffman is a rising star in the sports social media space. For the last year, she’s been running social media for the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League. Caity came on Media Masters to talk about what an offseason editorial calendar looks like in the offseason, and how the team approaches Facebook and Twitter.

Caity also explained how her team uses paid placement on Facebook to reach a greater audience and drive ticket sales for the Lightning. You’re going to see more teams experiment in this space as the Lightning have seen a solid ROI on the money they’ve spent in the space.

Caity’s insights are very sharp and it’s a great interview for anyone who works in sports social media.

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Episode #15 – Sarah Dussault, YouTube Fitness Guru

The fitness industry continues to explode these days, and there seems to be no shortage of gurus. From Hollywood stars to former professional wrestlers, everyone’s trying to make their mark.

Sarah Dussault, A.K.A. “Sarah Fit“, has spent the last eight years creating her own women’s fitness empire, and she’s built her business almost entirely on YouTube and Twitter.

Her videos have been viewed over 120 million times, and she says her goal is simple: To enable your passion for healthy living.

We caught up with her on the Media Masters Podcast to find out how she’d built her business in social media. It’s a pretty impressive story.

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