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Episode #2 – Dan Harbison, Caesars Entertainment, Part 2

In Episode #2, we resume our conversation with Dan Harbison, Global Head of New Media at Caesars Entertainment Corporation, focusing on how Caesars markets to fans on their mobile apps and mobile devices. Dan also gives his thoughts on Facebook’s new Paper app. Also, Peter shares a story about seeing social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk speak at Columbia this week.

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Episode #1 – Dan Harbison, Caesars Entertainment, Part 1

I’m taking up a new hobby in 2014 and launching a podcast. The idea is simple; I’m going to talk to some of the leaders in digital, social and traditional media who I’ve gotten the chance to know (and a few I’ve never met) to learn more about their work and share it with people who may find it interesting and relevant.

My first call was to Dan Harbison (@darbison), who’s currently the Global Head of New Media at Caesars Entertainment Corporation in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve known Dan since about 2005 from his days as the Sr. Director of Digital Marketing and Media at the Portland Trail Blazers, and he’s a guy who I respect tremendously. We talked for over an hour, and probably could have gone on for another hour. We split the conversation into two parts.

The first episode (just over 40 minutes) covers Dan’s outlook on database marketing, the differences between working in the NBA and the gaming/casino industry, what makes a great hashtag, and whose marketing during the Super Bowl actually worked. I really enjoyed our conversation and hopefully a few digital marketing/social media geeks out there will as well.

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