The Media Masters Podcast is a side project for Peter Stringer, currently the Sr. Director, Digital Media at the Boston Celtics.

Peter talks to leaders and trailblazers in the digital, social and traditional media space, learning their tips, tricks and best practices, as well as taking a look at their career success. The goal is simple: learn from some of the very best at their crafts.

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  1. Hi there Peter,

    Nice to meet you! I’m reaching out because I have been checking out your podcast, and I would love to be considered for becoming a guest. I’m Dan Engle MD, and I’m a brain injury expert and survivor. I’m also the author of The Concussion Repair Manual, in bookstores this fall. I’ve spent over a decade researching different treatments for brain injuries, experimenting with everything from hormone replacement therapy to fish oil supplements to music therapy.

    I think that I could offer valuable, engaging information to your podcast audience around healing from concussions and related head injuries.

    I’d love to chat about the process of recovering from a brain injury, exploring alternative medicine from a scientific perspective, and integrating scientific and spiritual treatments for TBIs. My passion is around helping people discover the varieties of treatments available to them.

    It’s a topic that’s captivating for anyone that’s into contact sports, extreme sports, outdoor adventuring, acrobatics, horse riding and other such activities (or a parent or spouse of someone who is).

    If this interests you, I’d be happy to talk about it more on your podcast! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Dr. Dan Engle

    PS I’ve been on a few other podcasts in the last couple years, including The Tim Ferriss Show, The Joe Rogan Podcast, Reset.me, Aubrey Marcus Podcast and Extreme Health Radio.

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Peter Stringer talks to leaders in the digital, social and tradition media space.